Park Ideas for Parties in Charleston

One of the premier weekend getaway destinations, Charleston, South Carolina is a lovely place to visit and live. The year round climate is desirable and outdoor activities abound. Although famous for its breweries and bar scene, the area has a ton of parks and recreational activities, including close proximity to the ocean. Below are a few options for your next outdoor park.

Hampton Park

This 60 acre park is a short 15 minute walk north of downtown. It has 40 parking spots, picnic tables, and a playground. Call this number to rent the gazebo and surrounding space for your event: 843-724-7311.


Address: 30 Mary Murray Dr, Charleston, SC 29403

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Brittlebank Park

This park is 10 acres wide and sits right on the Ashley River. They have benches, picnic tables, and a playground all for free usage. Unfortunately you cannot swim in the river.


Address: 185 Lockwood Dr, Charleston, SC 29403


Whitepoint Garden

Sitting right next to The Battery, this park includes a promenade and seawall. It has beautiful views of the ocean and surrounding peninsulas. The park is only 6 acres but has a dog park and gazebo. Use this phone number to inquire about renting the park: 843-724-7327.


Address: 2 Murray Blvd, Charleston, SC 29401



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Demetre Park

“Sunrise Park” is south of downtown on James Island, this park has it all. There is a fishing pier, a boat ramp, and 2 sandy beaches. You can see fantastic views of downtown across the waterway as well as the northern branches as well. There are picnic tables for free use and a pavilion for rent. Use this number to rent the pavilion: 843-724-7311.


Address: 640 Wampler Dr, Charleston, SC 29412

James Island Community Park

The 643 acre park offers plenty of opportunities for visitors. Within the park are 3 different rental facilities, all with different options. Rentals can be completed at this link. The park has a playground and a splash area for kids. There are bike and small boat rentals available as well. Finally, the park costs $2 per guest to enter.


Address: 871 Riverland Dr, Charleston, SC 29412

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